Superhit thriller movie Panic Room star, Kristen Stewart, rose to fame after her movie credit as Jodie Foster’s daughter. She then became even more famous when she scored another significant role as Bela Swan in the Twilight film series. Her biggest payday may have been when she earned $25 million for two parts of Twilight: Breaking Dawn. Her hard work earned her a stunning estimated net worth of $70 million before she even hits the big 30!

Not all get to be as lucky as her, but then again, not all got the looks and talent she has in the movies. So far, there has been no news about the mishandling of finances on her part. In fact, she’s among the young celebs that are praised for their knack in making smart decisions given their age. Kristen Stewart spent nearly $2.2 million on a mansion near Los Feliz, Los Angeles. It is very close to the house she once shared with Robert Pattinson.


Famous martial artist and actor Jackie Chan is popular for showcasing his own stunts in his action films. He made a once in a lifetime decision to leave his hometown, Hong Kong, to pursue a career in Hollywood. Let’s talk about good choices because Chan stood firm in his decision, and it paid off. With a whopping estimated $350 million net worth, his talent for comedy, martial arts, and dedication prove all doubts wrong.

After a series of multiple box-office hit movie credits, Chan has been one of the legends in Hollywood’s action film collection. He is also one of the best in critical roles of screenwriting, directing, stunts directing, action choreography, and even in the area of singing. Jackie Chan’s career depends not only on his work in front of the camera, but also on the fact that the actor has been active behind the scenes, owning and running several production companies. This man got it all, indeed.